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We’re guaranteeing it’s local. We know where our ingredients come from, we know the farmers and artisans producing them and we’re putting everything on this platform for you to choose from.

When you walk down the aisles of supermarkets or browse online stores, you might be tricked into thinking a product is made in Malta because the brand name is Maltese or because you expect it to be Maltese- Maltese sausages can be made with non-Maltese pork for example. But we’ve sieved through the illusions and the commercial tricks and we’re giving you Maltese products made with Maltese ingredients by Maltese producers and artisans- no more, no less.
You now have the choice- between an anonymous product on a supermarket shelf or a product with a local story from lokali.mt

Support our food producers and place your order with us!

PS. We do not stock local ingredients that are very accessible for everyone including local cow’s milk products, kunserva, local wines, ġbejniet and local fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s not because they are not local but because they’re within everybody’s reach.

Fresh Produce

We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly can.

  • All products meet quality standards

  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability

  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth